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Magnetic Nespresso Vertuo Capsule Holder

Magnetic Nespresso Vertuo Capsule Holder

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Magnetic Nespresso Vertuo capsule holder shown in pink on fridge door in kitchen

Which Colour Shall I Choose For My Capsule Holder?

Available in 5 colours, the choice is yours...

Magnetic Nespresso Vertuo capsule holder colour options


How Big Will The Capsule Holder Be?

Below are dimensions for all of the holders

5 Pods (1 Row) - 89mm Wide x 329mm Tall

10 Pods (2 Rows) - 158mm Wide x 329mm Tall

20 Pods (4 Rows) - 296mm Wide x 329mm Tall

30 Pods (6 Rows) - 434mm Wide x 329mm Tall

40 Pods (8 Rows) - 572mm Wide x 329mm Tall


How Do I Install My Capsule Holder?

The holder has strong neodymium pre-installed on the rear face.  To install simply attach the holder to a metal surface that attracts magnets.  Please note that not all metal surfaces attract magnets therefore we recommend that you test your installation surface before placing your order. 


Product Description

This Nespresso Vertuo Line Coffee Pod Holder is a simple yet stunning way of storing Nespresso capsules that will look great in any kitchen, office or coffee shop. Manufactured from 3mm high gloss acrylic the holder comes with pre-assembled neodymium magnets to allow quick and easy installation without the need for screws.

Available in Black, White, Red, Pink and Lime.

Holds between 5 and 40 pods/capsules depending on size selected.

What's Included:

Magnetic Nespresso Vertuo capsule holder shown with no capsules


Single piece capsule holder with pre-installed neodymium magnets

Our acrylic pod/capsule holders are shipped with a protective film on the front surface which needs removing prior to use.

Please note that the Nespresso Vertuo coffee pods shown are for illustration purposes only and are not included in the sale of the holder, sorry...


Please install onto a suitable clean, smooth flat surface free from grease and contaminants. Please note that installation, use and removal of the product may mark the installation surface. Expression Products Ltd will not be liable for any damaged caused.

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