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Spitfire Engraved Glass Tumbler and Slate Coaster Set

Spitfire Engraved Glass Tumbler and Slate Coaster Set

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Introducing our Spitfire Engraved Glass Tumbler and Slate Coaster Set – a tribute to the iconic Spitfire aircraft and a testament to the artistry of aviation. Elevate your drinkware collection with this finely crafted ensemble that blends history, elegance, and a touch of nostalgia.

Spitfire Themed Glass Tumbler:  At the heart of this set is the Spitfire Engraved Glass Tumbler, a vessel designed to honor the legendary aircraft. The tumbler features a  detailed engraving of the Spitfire, capturing the sleek and powerful profile that defined an era.

Spitfire Themed Slate Coaster:  Complementing the glass tumbler is a slate coaster engraved with an elegant silhouette of the Spitfire. The natural slate not only provides a stylish and robust base for your glass but also serves as a protective barrier against condensation, keeping surfaces pristine.

This Spitfire Engraved Glass Tumbler and Slate Coaster Set make a unique and thoughtful gift for aviation aficionados, pilots, or anyone with an appreciation for the beauty of flight. Elevate your drinking experience and pay homage to a legendary aircraft with this exceptional set – where passion for aviation meets refined style. Cheers to the Spitfire and the artistry it inspires in every sip.

Product Details:

  • Glass Tumbler:  Overall dimensions: Height:  88mm  Diameter: 89mm
  • Glass Volume:  345 ml
  • Slate Coaster: *100mm x 100mm
  • Permanent engraving into all products
  • All products are designed and engraved in our studio in the UK.

*  Please note that the slate coaster is a natural product, the thickness and overall dimensions can vary slightly, as well as the colour and finish.


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