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Wild Horses Engraved Glass Tumbler and Slate Coaster Set

Wild Horses Engraved Glass Tumbler and Slate Coaster Set

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Introducing our Wild Horses Engraved Glass Tumbler and Slate Coaster Set – an exquisite celebration of the untamed spirit and beauty of wild horses. Immerse yourself in the grace and majesty of these magnificent creatures with this thoughtfully crafted set that seamlessly blends functionality with artistry.

The glass tumbler in this set is adorned with a captivating engraving of a wild horses in full gallop. The finely detailed artwork captures the free-spirited essence of these creatures, making each sip a moment of connection with the untamed world. The engraving is meticulously etched onto the glass, ensuring longevity and a stunning visual impact.

Accompanying the glass tumbler is a slate coaster featuring a complementary wild horse motif. The coaster not only serves as a protective barrier for your surfaces but also adds a touch of rustic elegance to your table setting. The natural variations in the slate enhance the overall charm, creating a unique and artisanal look.

Product Details:

  • Glass Tumbler:  Overall dimensions: Height:  88mm  Diameter: 89mm
  • Glass Volume:  345 ml
  • Slate Coaster: *100mm x 100mm
  • Permanent engraving into all products
  • All products are designed and engraved in our studio in the UK.

*  Please note that the slate coaster is a natural product, the thickness and overall dimensions can vary slightly, as well as the colour and finish.


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